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Beaded earrings, animated beading tutorials


How to make earrings Eliana

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for you. Beads and pearls and tutorials..... With a little patience, you can create a gorgeous piece of jewelry. One pattern - four different jewelry sets are waiting for you.

Lyn beaded earrings animated beading tutorial aylake ailaviu


When it comes to DIY jewelry, "Lyn" beaded earrings are some of the prettiest patterns out there.

Isabella Earrings Romance is the icing but love is the cake beading tutorial Ailaviu Aylake


Learn how to bead a simple but stunning pair of earrings with this step-by-step jewelry tutorial, and then get ready for the compliments on your royal-worthy earrings!

Dimond Beaded earrings animated tutorial

Dimond earrings

This pretty, handmade earrings are a perfect beaded earrings for any young lady. You will love the touch of the femininity of this earrings! Just look the beading tutorial and follow step by step

Simple Flowers 2 Earrings Beaded Earrings Animated Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Simple Flowers 2 Earrings

Beaded jewelry is an amazing thing, it can completely change the look of your outfit for the day and help express your own personal style.

Cora Earrings Necklace Love is the beginning and end of everything Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu 1


Whatever your situation, you will not regret learning how to make simple and charming beaded earrings like this magical homemade jewelry set.

Mila Lillian Earrings Beading Tutorial Aylake Ailaviu

Mila Lillian

These DIY beaded earrings are simple to create; so, you could make them in tons of different colors for you and your friends. Just look the tutorial and follow step by step. Easy for everyone 

Starlet Earrings Necklace If you feel beautiful then you are even if you dont you still are Beading tutorial Aylake Ailaviu1


The great thing about beading is you can make these earrings that totally reflect your personality more simply by using different size, shape and color beads. The pattern for “Starlet”



Beaded FLOREIA DIY earrings are a charming addition to any jewelry box. You can create them in any color you'd like, so they can match your favorite outfits.



Prezzo - You can never have too many beaded necklaces in your collection. So slip on that little black dress, some bright shoes and simple beaded necklace and get ready for a day of confidence and beauty!

80+ beaded jewelry tutorials

If you want to know how to make beaded jewelry that will awe your friends and family. Just look the tutorials and follow step by step.

Daisy Flowers On The Pearls Who Doesnt Love Beaded Jewelry Aylake1

Daisy Flowers On The Pearl

Nothing is quite as beautiful as looking at Daisy flowers on a summer day and wear pearls. Who doesn't love it? I have for you gorgeous beading tutorial. Just look and follow step by step.



And so I hover around in the golden middle: just at this age, where you should know ... What ?!: "When you love what you have you have everything" I love beading. I will show you how to make beaded earrings Clara

Panda Love

Who doesn't love pandas. Beaded peyote earrings are an amazing thing, it can completely change the look of your outfit for the day and help express your own personal style. Bead weaving takes time and patience but there are ways to build up your skills


I’ll be your Minnie

Minnie necklace is a way to express yourself. It’s a creative way to be your own person and stand out from the crowd. However, there’s something about a charming peyote stitch necklace that lets your personality shine more than any other piece of jewelry.


The Endless Spring Charm

Lucky charms: some people swear by them, and others think that they're silly. Grab your beads and your thread and check out those schemes.

Emma A Snowflake Never Falls In The Wrong Place Earrings Beaded Aylake 1


A snowflakes are winter's butterflies, winter's roses, kisses from heaven... Beaded earrings is an amazing thing, it can completely change the look of your outfit for the day and help express your own personal style.

Sofia beaded simple bracelet necklace earrings tutorial aylake 2

Simple bracelet Sofia

Making your own jewelry can be not only be a fun, but it gives you the ability to do whatever you want.

Earrings 4

Beaded jewelry is an amazing thing, it can completely change the look of your outfit for the day and help express your own personal style. I love my jewelry, even more, when it is handmade .

Earrings 3

DIY earrings are so much fun! Give one a try sometime! Use other beads, colors and combine with other findings!