Daisy stars

“Daisy Stars” – You are my all daisy flowers and all my stars. Enjoy your new beaded peyote stitch necklace


Mini fans

Handmade beaded necklaces are easy to make and a great accompaniment to any outfit. I will share with you the pattern of beaded necklace “Mini fans”


It can be expensive to buy jewelry to go with every item of clothing you own. So how about making your own? You can make your own beaded jewelry, right at home, with some basic jewelry making supplies and a little bit of practice.


Making your own jewelry can be not only be a fun, but it gives you the ability to do whatever you want. There are different things that can be used to help make beautiful jewelry that it can be a bit overwhelming. The pattern for beaded necklace “Dragon”

Golden reminder of winter

We’re constantly on the hunt for new, creative, and crazy ways to up your style game. We always come back to the bracelet because it’s easy to add to any outfit. The pattern of beaded bracelet “Golden reminder of winter”

Triangles on the collar

DIY necklaces can save you a lot of money. Making custom necklace are fun especially when you can make it in any color and size you want. If you’re looking for inspiration then the tutorial of beaded necklace “Triangles on the collar” is right pattern for you

Snow flowers

If you enjoy jewelry and have an eye for matching beads, you may want to make one beaded bracelet. You can create classic pieces or modern artistic designs. One pattern for you how to make one beaded bracelet “Snow flowers”

Tiny Lace

Jewelry can be pricey, and sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. So why not make a beaded necklace?Often, that’s not as difficult as it sounds. The pattern of beaded necklace “Tiny Lace”