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Be wiser than other people

“It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but seeing through things.” – Manly P. Hall

“Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.” – Zen Proverb

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.” – Francis Bacon

“Preparation over prediction.” – Shane Parrish

“Enough is as good as a feast.” – Alan Watts

“Do nothing which is of no use.” – Miyamoto Musashi

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” –  Military saying

“Wisdom is acquired by meditation.” – Publius Syrus

“In all things have no preferences.” – Miyamoto Musashi

“You can convert peace to happiness.” – Naval Ravikant

“Awareness, not age, leads to wisdom.” – Publius Syrus

“Wisdom naturally leads to indifference.” – James Pierce

“Be wiser than other people, if you can; but do not tell them so.” – Lord Chesterfield 

“The legacy you leave is the life you lead. We lead our lives daily, and we leave a legacy daily – not some grand plan, what we do each and every day, all the little decisions, because we never know what impact things will have or when you might have an impact.” – Jim Kouzes

“For me, a sense of prosperity often comes with less rather than more.” – Lori Hill

“By three things the wise person may be known. What three? He sees a shortcoming as it is. When he sees it, he tries to correct it. And when another acknowledges a shortcoming, the wise one forgives it as he should.” – Buddha

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” – Confucius

“It is far better to give work that is above a person, than to educate the person to be above their work.” – John Ruskin

“The sage is fluid. He has no shape of his own. He is like water which takes the form of the vessel through which it passes. He has no rigidity of ego. Thus he is in perfect harmony with what is. In his formlessness he becomes one with existence.” – @TheAncientSage

“It is the act of an ill-instructed man to blame others for his own bad condition; it is the act of one who has begun to be instructed, to lay the blame on himself; and of one whose instruction is completed, neither to blame another, nor himself.” – Epictetus

“When people come to you for advice on a decision, resist the urge to give them an answer. People rarely need to hear your conclusion. They benefit from hearing your thought process and your perspective on the relevant criteria for making the choice.” – Adam Grant

“Good mentors help you follow their path. Great mentors help you navigate your own path.” – Adam Grant

“In their seeking, wisdom and madness are one and the same. On the path of love, friend and stranger are one and the same.” – Rumi

“A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind.” – Iranian Proverb

“Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.” – Eckhart Tolle

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” – Peter Drucker

“A proverb is one man’s wit and all men’s wisdom.” – Lord John Russell

“The wise man hath his thoughts in his head; the fool, on his tongue.” – Ivan Panin

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton

“All’s well that ends well.” – John Heywood

“The object of education is to teach us to love beauty.” –  Plato

“Philosophy is at once the most sublime and the most trivial of human pursuits.” – William James

“A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.” – Francis Bacon

“Don’t focus on happiness, focus on peace. It’s impossible to be happy all the time but to be peaceful is.” –  Maxime Lagacé

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