Month: March 2019



Hearts can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn’t obtain. This beaded bracelet is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Daisy Flowers On The Pearl


Nothing is quite as beautiful as looking at Daisy flowers on a summer day and wear pearls. Who doesn’t love it? I have for you gorgeous beading tutorial. Just look and follow step by step.



And so I hover around in the golden middle:
just at this age, where you should know … What ?!:
“When you love what you have you have everything” I love beading. I will show you how to make beaded earrings Clara

Light green fairy


The world is full of magic things , patiently waiting for you. Stunning handmade necklace “Light Green Fairy” is perfect for evening wear and will attract many compliments. I have simple tutorial for you. Just look and follow step by step.

Black And White


Lovely classic glass pearl necklace adds elegance to any look, whether you’re at work or celebrating a special occasion. With a little patience, you can create a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Just look the tutorial and follow step by step

Tiny Web


It’s no secret that we need for a new beaded necklace what has its own Story to tell… You can make your own story necklace just look the tutorial and follow step by step

Tere tulemast

Tere tulemast! Sa just piilusid arglikult uue inimese märkmiku lehele lootes leida midagi jahmatavalt uut ja huvitavat. Seda siin kindlasti kohe ei juhtu, sest staar pole veel sündinud. Siin on kodu vaid […]

Simple Flowers

Simple Flowers - Beading tutorial

Daisy flowers are suitable for people who are joyful, optimistic and honest. So…. slip on that little black dress , some bright shoes and simple beaded pearls necklace with daisy flowers and get ready for a day of beauty.