Endless Tears

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Who loves the rain knows that:

The rain touch is more delicate than the wind…

The beautiful sound of the rain is like the music of the soul….

The rush of raindrops makes everything subtly beautiful….

But if you could carry endless rain with you?

To do this, I have to offer you a necklace that resembles an endless rainfall tears.

Learning how to make beaded jewelry can be a creative and fun way to express yourself. There are countless ways that beads can be combined to produce unique pieces.

1. Autumn colored “Endless Tears”

Endless Tears

2. Latest autumn roses in the rain “Endless Tears”

Endless Tears

3.  Thunderstorm in warm Summer “Endless Tears”

Endless Tears

4. Magical Ice rain “Endless Tears”

Endless Tears

5. Summer torrential rain “Endless Tears”

Endless Tears

I will show you just one simple pattern.

You just watch the tutorial and follow step by step.


All questions and comments are welcome!


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