What to do with wooden beads?

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Every time is something first time. For everyone. One day my daughter asked me to go with her for Christmas shopping. Usually our shopping means that we visit many book stores and gift stores. From one of them I found little corner with beads and craft stuff, where I found myself one container with wooden beads. I have never had wooden beads before. I love freshwater pearls and I like glass pearl. But wooden beads was never in my list. No idea what to do with them.

Wooden beads

Today I took out this small container and tried something. After couple of long hours I had my first necklace ready.

  1. This is beaded crochet rope necklace with different sizes and colors.

wooden necklace A

2.  Simplest bracelet. Just thread wooden cubes on the elastic band.


3. Simple wooden necklace. Thread wooden pearls on the thread. Some pearls between wooden pearls are beaded pearls.





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