Beaded bracelet “Dwarfs belt” free tutorial

I love my little dwarfs and elves who are always around me.


Christmas are magical time for me. Actually my life is always full magic but I have it more on the Christmas time.

Its a lot fun if I begin with children to decorate home. We open boxes with Christmas stuff then same time comes out so much nostalgia and this is so magical. From this moment begins small miracles.


This year one my dwarf bough for me so cute present. Idea for simple bracelet. Next day i did a lot beading: two simple belts/bracelets. Silver and black without patterns…. After that I can’t decided what color should be buckles. So many options . I did try different sizes pearls and seed beads. And results are here




So many choices. I am happy to share with everybody how I did it.

You are going to need:

  • Pearls 3 mm
  • Seed beads 11/0
  • Toho cubes 1,5 mm




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